Omar Galvan

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About Omar Galvan

OMAR ARGENTINO GALVAN is one of the main references of the Spanish Improv scene. He’s an Improviser, teacher and Impro spectacles creator. Author of the Impro Handbook “From the jump to the fly. Impro Handbook ” (“Del salto al vuelo”) and the text “YES, BUT. Improv in its crossroads”. His work is characterized by a particular poetic in scene, a blend of magical realism and theatrical narrative which are resources not often used in Impro theater, like Soundpainting. With his nonstop “Improtour” he worked in five continents, thirty-five countries. He is a bridge builder among improvisers around the world.




My Workshops:

Monologues: All For One

Friday: 2pm - 5pm

More than 15 structures for one actor scenes. The content disposed by the way. Unfolding the triple role in the monologues. The writer, performer and director. Tools to generate scenes beyond Improv. Forget the fear, welcome to the pleasure to play on stage alone.

Reality Level (In The Magic Realism Mood)

Saturday: 10am - 5pm

An Omar’s pure research. Omar Argentino Galvan share his particular and evolving work always researching dramaturgy paths and performing resolutions not generally explore in the improv. The poetic movement. The Magic Realism as an excuse and inspiration to learn and generate a new mood to play. Ghosts, the not living character, the reelection of empty space, reality planes, imaginary object 2.0.

A key workshop to discover and understand a Latin American style of improvisation as a theatrical expression.

Instant Biology

Sunday: 10am - 1pm

We will put the microscope in the absolute present, at the moment when improvisation happens. Practical exercises that aim to dissect the instant. The focus will be in your improvised lines, word by word, the subtle emotion, the latent history. If the Impro is a living organism, we will go to its DNA. A practical and minimalist workshop in which you will play with subtle physical, intellectual and emotional movements.