Billy Kissa

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About Billy Kissa

Vasiliki Kissa is an actress, won over by Improv Theater. After attempting to adapt to a “normal” career, studying Tourism Management in Heraklion, Crete, she returned to Athens to follow her first and great desire, acting. Since then things have been getting better and better! After graduating “Theater of Arts, Karolos Koun”, she performed to her first play as a professional actress and at the same time she crossed paths with Improv Theater. It was love at first sight.

She dove into the world of improv head first and, having completed ImproVIBE’s training, she took her first steps towards teaching improv. Within 6 years she was trained by numerous instructors and performed in Greece, Belgium, Finland, Sweden, The Netherlands, Germany, Romania, France, Spain, Italy, USA and Turkey.


My Workshops:

Make Them Care

Friday: 2pm - 5pm

What do you seek in a scene, as an audience? All of us will give different answers, but they sum up to one word, identification. By using emotions on stage the audience relates to your scenes and character. Feelings are something all humanity has in common. In this workshop you will use your feelings to connect with each other and with the audience, you will challenge your partners and yourself emotionally and finally, make people care! 

The Bench

Saturday: 10am - 5pm

The Bench is a slow improv format. There’s a fascinating beauty in taking things slowly on stage. Discovering the little elements that make a difference and can feed our impulses is what trains our observation skills and helps us read our scene partner much better and in much more depth. Ultimately, The Bench trains us to focus on building very strong relationships on stage, that take our scenes to a much deeper and meaningful level.


Go With The Flow

Sunday: 10am - 1pm

As actors, our job is to tell stories. We think we make up the stories, but we don’t. They already exist. We just have to follow them and let them take us where they need to go. In this workshop we will make our lives easier on stage by listening to what our stories have to say and let them make all the decisions for us.