Beata Rózalska

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About Beata Rózalska

Beata Rózalska - a Polish artist and improviser, who started her improv adventures in 2007. She works with the Polish groups Szafofe and 7 Women of Different Ages and also with the international group The SIN. She performed on Polish and international stages, for example Improfest in Cracow, Mount Olymprov in Athens, The BIG IF in Barcelona, Sofia International Improv Festival and Improvention in Canberra. She was studying with Susan Messing, Rachael Mason, Patti Stiles, Charna Halpern, Joe Bill, Lee White and many others. On stage she looks for variety using freedom and her nature.


My Workshops:

Beauty Is Ugly

Friday: 2pm - 5pm

Everyone has that ugly inside. No matter how much we don't want to have it and how we try avoid it, it will always be with us. In this workshop you will become friends with your inner and outer ugliness. You will learn when and how to use it. You will take more risks with making strong decisions. You will look very bad and feel joy because of it. You will embarrass your inner critic. You will use your body. How to make the ugliness authentic and also how to hide it sometimes? Will you dare to be ugly?

Strong Partner

Saturday: 10am - 5pm

Caring. Strength. Balance. Inspiration. Temperament. Calmness. Awareness. Partner. If you usually give the space to others and keep following, then take the stage now. If you usually lead, give the stage and the spotlight to those players who usually stay in the shadows. If you want your partner to feel safe on stage with you, become united. Inspire yourself with your partner, that will give you power. Use your temperament to support and create. Look for the balance. Find it and create it.

I Don't Know Yet

Sunday: 10am - 1pm

The stage has been empty for too long. The current Scene should be cut, but you have no idea how to start next one. It doesn't matter! Just go. If you ask yourself, what you are doing, it's good not to know. On this workshop you will learn how to trust your instincts and your body. How to listen to your own impulses and how to react fast.