Alex Fradera

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About Alex Fradera

Alex has been improvising for over ten years, and has taught the art form in Germany, Poland, Finland, France, Slovenia, the UAE, USA, and across the UK.

Alex works with a number of UK-based and international improvisation groups, including German/international supergroup Der Kaktus and performance art parodists The Dreaming.

He has developed original improvised formats that have played internationally, including chamber pieces, middle eastern metafiction, and shows inspired by the writings of Tom Stoppard and Haruki Murukami.

He became Artistic Director of the W├╝rzburg Festival in 2016, and is a member of Ohana, a European network of improvisers. He founded Open Heart Theatre in 2017 to bring new and emerging improvisation to Newcastle, UK.  


My Workshops:

Family Treehouse

Friday: 2pm - 5pm

In this workshop we'll make a character and then clamber around their family tree, scene by scene. This is a way to explore how both similarities and contrasts make for good improvisation, and find fun ways to connect scenes together. This workshop will help you develop instincts for how to populate the world of your characters, as well as a simple show format for you to take away.


Heart Ache: Finding Fun In The Suffering

Saturday: 10am - 5pm

The Buddha says life is suffering. Better not argue with him! In this workshop we'll find ways to suffer and get in trouble, and see exactly how fun it can be to hit rock bottom... and keep going. We'll also practice torturing others, creating the trouble your partner needs. This is an sensitive dance between partnersthat helps improve key improv skills. So grab your partner... and get ready to squeeze.


Just Add Colour

Sunday: 10am - 1pm

When our improv scenes feel thin and sketchy, it's because we've drawn the lines, but forgotten to colour in. In this workshop we're in no hurry to get ahead; instead, we'll take time to bring every part of the scene to life. We'll run our fingers over every suggestion, and find the joy in filling things up until they overflow - and spill out into the next place we get to be.